IT security is a complex and subtle process which requires keen attention and immediate response in real time. We provide you with simple and easy to use solutions for addressing the complex intrusions from unwanted entities. We provide you with quick suggestion for the decisions like when, where and how to act if security violation occurs.

Managed Firewalls

We offer all the tools you need to promote, sell and succeed.

 Firewalls protects the network from outside interference and enable you to decide which type of data can be accessed and can have access to this system. Cozmuler manages your firewalls with special care ensuring that nothing is transferred to and fro from these walls without your consent.

Functionally there are three major types of Commercial firewalls are available:

  • Packet filtering
  • Stateful inspection 
  • Application Proxy


Managed IPS


Managed Intrusion Detection and Protection

Intrusion means “to enter someone’s privacy” without permission. Cozmuler detects these intrusions in your system and helps you protect your system from them. We ensure that nothing bypasses authentication or authorization of the enterprise.

Intrusion Detection is available in two major Categories

  • Signature based detection
  • Anomaly Detection


Managed Email Services


Most of today’s communication is being done by email; it connects the enterprise to outside world throughout the globe. Although it is great mean of communication but it also gets threatened by intrusion resulting in loss of valuable data, hacking and spam. Cozmuler works hard to keep your email services safe and sound and theft free. Our professionals provides you with cost-effective solutions for well managed email services.

Some of the services that we offer:

  • Protocol level Filtering
  • Virus Protection
  • Content Filtering
  • Store and Forward


Managed Routers and Switches

The most enterprises uses inter-networking for communication and other data handling. The data loss can occur if the routers connecting them are not up to the task or network is down. We manage routers, switches and networks professionally ensuring that network is up and its performance is maximized. We ensure zero trade of security.


Content Filtering


Large amount of spam is detected directly via advanced headers filtering and SMTP protocol validation. Content filtering after the mail has been received is not an efficient way of securing data, since useful information may have been accessed and leaked.

We do content filtering by passing emails through different layers of security each layer performing various tests and attributing special score. This score is then compared to thresholds defined and then email is tagged as either spam or secure email.