Not only do you need a good website, you need to make sure it’s available to internet users 24/7. This is where website hosting comes in. Clients have a number of options to host their websites, and usually depends on their traffic size and resource requirements. Mainly, the options to most websites are shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

Domain Name Consulting

Until 90’s you could simply run a business without caring to have an online presence. But, times have technologically changed and you can’t think about owning a business without having your cyber pie.

It’s imperative to have your business reach out to the web highway and in the same breath, it’s integral to have a synonymous domain name as well. It’s good to have a visually appealing website with informative content; however, it’s not just enough any longer. Walk out of that cyber corner and get your website indexed by major search engines.

Some of the Domain Consulting services we offer:

  • Domain Name
  • Server Advice
  • Hosting Advice


Email Hosting

Advanced Email Solutions

Email is essential to all our clients and we offer an advanced email solution to cater for their every need. We have our own dedicated email servers, configured to handle POP3 and IMAP, which means you, can use your mail synchonised across all your devices, e.g. iPhone, iPad, laptop and desktop. We also have a full webmail system with calendar and contacts sharing, antivirus and spam protection, mail forwarding, catchall, autoreplies, etc. as standard.

Some of the email services we offer:

  • POP3/IMAP Email
  • Webmail Access


Website Hosting

It’s our job to advise you on the available options and to make sure that your hosting is uninterrupted and trouble-free.

Website hosting comes in all shapes and sizes and the content of your site dictates which level of hosting you need. cozmuler-word-cozmuler-font12 have hosting for all eventualities, from standard packages on shared servers for simple brochure style websites, to dedicated hosting with SSL and unique IP addresses for e-commerce and web platforms handling sensitive user information.

Some of the hosting services we offer:

  • Linux Hosting
  • HTTPS/SSL Certificates
  • Windows Hosting
  • Server Monitoring / Alerts