Our Quality policy underpins our mission of delivering step ahead excellence and consistent proficiency.

High quality strategies are imbued in all processes, so that our solutions and services are of premium class. It is our constant quest to focus on supreme quality oriented management to deliver ‘numero uno’ products to our clients across all geographies.

Hence cozmuler-word-cozmuler-h3 is committed to

  1. Focus on defined quality objectives
  2. Consistent quality enhancement
  3. Satisfy our clients’ requirements and ensure total business compatibility
  4. Constant improvement in processes, products and services
  5. We believe in ‘doing it right the first time and forever’
  6. Consistent market evaluation to keep exploring inventive operations
  7. Bettering team’s ingenuity
  8. Implement internal audits and accept customer evaluation
  9. Implement personnel training and constantly improving work culture

We diligently plan and execute each project through following steps

  1. Project Scope Finalization
  2. Fabricating Project Scope Document for Technical Team
  3. Database Planning
  4. Drafts designing
  5. Revisions designing
  6. All Pages Design Finalization
  7. Programming Works Start
  8. Communication and Clarifications from client or project in charge at the other end
  9. Testing/Quality Control by Testing Department
  10. Final Review by Client
  11. Files delivered to client or setup at the server as per the directions received from client
  12. After sales/launch support for 12 months for bugs/errors found in our work